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Empower Network's NEW Blogging System Revealed There is a buzz building on the internet.

People inside Empower Network are humming to its melody… secretly preparing for the next big wave that is building beneath the surface online.

What is it?

It’s ENV2 (Empower Network Version 2).

Watch the following videos to see what I mean…

(Disclaimer: these are not my videos. Each of them can be found on YouTube by their publishers. I am sharing them for information purposes only. If there is someone you know who is in Empower Network, please, lock arms with them NOW. You’ll be glad you did!)

Something BIG is coming.

It will revolutionize the internet.

Eighteen months and 3 million dollars have been invested.

Remember when Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter started?

And people said they wouldn’t last?

They are worth billions Now!

And all those folks who didn’t get in in the beginning missed a huge payday.

Simple 2 click blogging platform.

Video and audio broadcasting.

And features that will combine elements from WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter…

But this platform offers something the others never have before…

You can make MONEY from it!

There is only One Way to to get into this system while it’s in Pre-Launch…


Empower Network’s NEW Blogging System Revealed

As per the videos these are the benefits you will get inside ENV2:

1) Media Management Tab completely integrated

2) Ability to Segment Lists

3) Inline Editor

4) Select who sees your post: Public and Private > Target specific people

5) Possibility of having multiple blogs

6) Map EN domains to custom domains

7) Eliminates Facebook

8) Add SEO options: tags, meta tags

9) Posts immediately publish to activity feed

10) Sorting options

11) Certify Badass Buttons

12) Video posts immediately from multiple sources (supports embed codes)

Wait…there’s more!

13) Choose a destination URL on banners/pics in posts

14) Add static pages

15) Turn off/on different features

16) Grandma proof

17) See posts from other EN members in feed

18) Segment your posts so only those in Inner Circle can see what you’ve published

19) Send email notification to your list same time you publish a post

20) Sort by Badass posts (promotes social interaction)

21) Publish video from phone (It’s Magic!)

22) Fully functional mobile app (no need to log into computer)

23) Apps for iPhone and iPad

Wait…there’s more!!

24) Total internet domination: similar to Tumblr, TypePad, WordPress

25) Multilingual (worldwide opportunity/support)

If you join with us NOW, you get the opportunity to join a frenzy.

Be a part of history in the making.

By solving people’s problems of How to Make Money Online, you can Cash in Big Time!

Click the pic to get started…

Empower Network's NEW Blogging System Revealed